Financial Assistance

The Care Team will contact you by email regarding this request within two weeks.
To request assistance, please fill out the form below.

If you require more urgent attention, or feel you may not qualify, additional community resources which are better equipped to handle assistance include:

Policy: LifePoint Church’s Compassion Fund is provided from donations and LifePoint cannot guarantee that funds will be available. The LifePoint Compassion Fund has been established to financially assist a LifePoint family (or individual) who is either a member with current attendance or regular attender. LifePoint Church NEVER hands out cash and any assistance provided will be done so in the form of a gift card or direct check payment to the creditor listed on the bill.

Financial Assistance Request

Please note: The LifePoint Compassion Fund is not for extremely urgent situations. Expect a minimum of two weeks to fully process a Compassion Request.

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